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For any questions on system design, installation or maintenance, please contact Head Office.

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Design + Install + Service – UK’s No.1 Mist System.

As part of the IPH Group of companies, we are a leading distributor who design, install and service the most discreet water mist systems throughout the UK and beyond.

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  • Are you thinking of going open plan?
  • Does building control require you use a fire suppression system?
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The IPH Process

– we keep things simple

We offer a free quote and design service for all property developments and refurbishments, whether it’s a new family home open-plan project or larger residential and domestic schemes, we’re here to support you.


1. Consult

Contact our dedicated engineers, provide project details with floor plans, free consultation.


2. Design

We offer free floor plan designs to support your approval process with Building Control.

3. Install

Once agreed to proceed we arrange a suitable time to install the full system (avg. 2 Day installation)

4. Certify

Your installed water mist system will be activated by an approved Water Mist Engineer.


5. Service

Our water mist system performs monthly self-tests, it only requires annual servicing

Supporting Resources

Understanding The Importance Of Water Mist System

Buying a water mist system is important to maintain the health and cleanliness of your home as well as the health of your plants. They are used in a variety of commercial settings including hotels, restaurants, public restrooms and private homes. A water mist...

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A New Way to Fight Fire

A water mist system is a fire suppression system that uses the force of water to suppress fires. Water Mist System is a new way of fighting the fire. The system consists of 3 custom and dedicated products: The Custom Pump, The Patent Nozzle and The Hose and Fittings...

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FREE Quote + Brochure

Design + Install + Service of the UK’s No. 1 Water Mist System