Water Mist Pump

When seeking a custom water mist pump to protect your property that delivers to recognised and approved industry standards, we have made the decision a simple one.

Specifications & Features

– why is our custom pump unit the No.1 choice for your home?

Fire Resistance – The water mist pump enclosure is now completely constructed from steel providing fire resistance and additional resistance against mechanical damage.

Serviceability – The water mist pump has a removable cover so that the internal components can be serviced and maintained in the field by the installing company. Pumps can now be repaired in the field rather than being sent back to the manufacturer which will save on costly revisits.

Integrated Inlet/Outlet Manifolds – All of the inlet manifold (Strainer, low pressure switch, actuated ball valve) and outlet manifold (isolation valve, pressure gauge, drain valve) are now integrated within the enclosure. No more untidy valves and hoses.

No permanent drain required – Operation of the pump is no longer requires a permanent drain to be provided.

Wall or floor mounting – If fitted on the floor or in a cupboard the enclosure has a flat back which fits neatly against a wall. Fixing holes are provide in the back of the chassis for optional wall mounting.

Low Standing Pressure – The water mist system now operates off a flow switch rather than a pressure switch. This means that the system will eventually drop down to mains water pressure and sit there indefinitely without calling the pumps to work. Previously any loss in pressure due to a small leak in the distribution pipework could cause the pumps to come on at undesirable times. Now the system sits at mains water pressure and will not bring the pumps on unless there is a significant flow of more than 0.5lpm.

Actuated ball valve – Previously after the pump had finished its run time it would cut power to the pumps however it would still be able to run indefinitely at mains water pressure. We have now integrated an actuated ball valve which will shut off the water supply and the power to the pumps following elapse of the selected run time.

Drip tray with float switch – There is always a risk of damage to products during transit or installation. The risk of damage to property as a result of internal components leaking is almost eliminated with the addition of a drip tray and float switch within the base of the pump enclosure. In the event of any escape of water from damaged components the float switch will operate and close that actuated ball valve to shut off the water supply to the pump.

Corrosion resistance – The internal pump components are now made of the highest quality corrosion resistant materials.

Robust operation – There are no solenoid or pressure relief valves that run to permanent drain. This avoids any problems associated with dirt under the seals which could result in a small escape of water and pumps running at undesirable times.

Adjustable pump run time – The water mist pump runtime can be adjusted with a dil switch to suit 30min (Residential) or 10min (Domestic) depending on the category of the system.

Pre-action / Double Knock Operation – With any water based fire suppression system there is always risk of unwanted operation through accidental or malicious damage to pipework or nozzles/sprinklers. The discharge of water could be potentially damaging to the property the system is protected. Therefore, we innitiate a double knock operation to ensure no accidental actrivation.


Unit Dimensions

342mm² x 495mm


Inlet connection

1/2″ BSP


Min. Requirement

12lmp @ 1bar


Outlet connection

3/8″ BSP 60°C Cone


Voltage Rating






Current Rating




Floor or Wall

Key PUMP Features

For more features on the water mist pump unit, please refer to the data sheets.

A smarter way to protect your property from fire damage.

Receive real-time alerts straight to your smart phone device in the event of the water mist pump activating.

Additionally, the control board monitors the pump and is equipped with fire and fault N/O and N/C relays for use with third party equipment (e.g. alarms and fire panels).

water mist system smart alarm

Additional protection against unwanted operation

When using the double knock safety facility, the pumps would need to have both the smoke detection and the nozzle operate before the pumps will run.


Our custom made pump incorporates a safety facility to receive an input from the smoke detection system on the pump control and monitoring board.


Both smoke (to operate the detection system) and heat (to operate the nozzle) will need to be present for the system to run.


The smoke detection system must be compliant with BS5839 pt6 Grade D LD1 with detection provided in all rooms protected by the mist system.

Got further questions about our double knock safety feature or the water mist system in general?