Test Standards

Our Water Mist System is a viable alternative to traditional sprinkler systems and our designs are submitted in conjunction with the following standards as applicable:

BS 8458 – BS 9251 – BS 9252 – BS 7671

Water Mist Testing

– What tests are undertaken to ensure it is acceptable for the home?

Our custom built water mist system undertook independent third party rigorous inspection by Exova Warrington Fire, a UKAS accredited laboratory, achieving the required testing and standards criteria.

Testing is done on set criteria and also ensures systems are tested to cover fire compartments of up to 80m2 which when achieved, allows water mist system to be used on domestic and residential projects across the UK. Full transparency of test reports and certificates are available upon request for potential clients.

Two sets of performance fire tests were undertaken:

BS 8458

Objective: To demonstrate the capability of a water mist system to control a fire when tested in accordance with BS 8458:2015: Annex C.

Conclusion: The water mist system suppressed the fuel packages and met all the criteria specified in Clause 6.1 (a), (b) & (c) of BS 8458:2015 for domestic and residential purposes at a maximum of 80m².

BS 9252

Objective: To demonstrate the capability of a water mist system to control a fire utilising the principles of the test procedure defined in BS 9252:2011: Annex S.

Conclusion: Where the thermocouples were positioned at 1.6m above the floor, the temperatures did not exceed 55°C for any 120 second interval.

BS 8458:2015

This standard covers watermist fire suppression systems for use in domestic and residential properties. Installation and design of the system is covered in the standard while giving guidance on how watermist should be utilised during the whole fire strategy.

BS 9252:2011

BS 9252:2011 sets out a list of testing criteria that is strictly for traditional sprinklers. The iCO systems has been tested against this to show it is equal to, or enhanced, over traditional sprinklers.

BS 9991:2015

This standard covers design freedoms and provides guidance on real practical solutions where certain conventions laid out in other standards may be too restrictive due to the nature of some buildings which have design and legislation irregularities.

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The IPH Process

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We offer free floor plan designs to support your approval process with Building Control.

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Once agreed to proceed we arrange a suitable time to install the full system (avg. 2 Day installation)

4. Certify

Your installed water mist system will be activated by an approved Water Mist Engineer.


5. Service

Our water mist system performs monthly self-tests, it only requires annual servicing

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