Installation Of Water Mist System For Domestic And Residential Premises

Thirty-seven thousand! This is the number of houses to have reported fires in a single year in the UK (from 2020 fire statistics). With such a common problem in the UK, you must have a proper fire suppression system to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

For a long time, sprinklers have remained in use for fire suppression. But as technology has advanced, new and improved products are replacing the almost obsolete sprinkler systems. Now people are choosing to install water mist systems in the UK to suppress fires in their homes.

Residential premises require extra care when considering installing a water mist system. The reason is that in domestic or residential properties, people of all ages live together, and everybody is not agile or trained enough to follow the fire drill.

Therefore, if you are installing a fire suppression system, make sure you consider these points to understand why you should opt for a water mist system for residential premises:

1. Supply Tank Size

Residential properties are always short of space. There is barely room for any storage areas, let alone open spaces. That is why it is troublesome to install a big tank to supply the conventional sprinkler system. Water mist systems, on the other hand, consume 80% less water as compared to sprinklers.

Custom Water Mist Systems use a pump connected directly to the mains to ensure a constant flow to the troubled area in the event of a fire. When it is not in operation the pump does not consume water at all.

Water mist systems occupy less space, which is valuable for someone installing the system in a house or an apartment.

2. Types Of Fires

The types of fires in homes are different from those in industry or laboratory. Fires in a house are usually sparked by some device malfunction or from the kitchen stove.

Domestic water mist systems can fight small-sized fires appropriately. And usually, fires that start in a domestic setting are not that serious because houses don’t store dangerous chemicals like industries do. Moreover, common in homes, grease fires are better dealt with by water mist systems than sprinklers, which are likely to spread the fire even more.

3. Lives at Stake

A fire can catch on pretty quickly in a residential setting. It can also be devastating due to the amount of people in close proximity. In houses or flats, the residents are not necessarily trained to evacuate the premises in case of a fire. That’s why, in the case of a fire, the problem is not necessarily the fire suppression but the evacuation process itself.

There are two problems with the conventional sprinkler system; firstly, it reacts slowly to heat and react, so a fire will start spreading quickly before the sprinkles are released. Water Mist Systems are triggered by heat and their reaction time is shorter, so they immediately create a mist to lower the temperature and put out the fire. Secondly, the most dangerous thing that kills people during a fire is the smoke; sprinklers can do nothing about it. But, water mist systems have a smoke washing capability that supresses and moves the floating smoke so that people can breathe and see clearly. By improving the air to breathe and the visibility, people are likely to find the fire escape  and hopefully evacuate without a problem.

4. Legal Requirements

The Government of the UK has made it illegal for residential premises not to have a fire suppression system installed if it is more than 11 m tall. The active decision was made in 2020 to make sure all residential premises are safe from fires and measures were put in place – READ Mandatory Fire Suppression.

 So, choosing a water mist system would be the best option to make your home fireproof.

A water mist systems nozzles must be carefully placed to cover a maximum area while the cost of installation and servicing is to be considered within your budget. The best way to do this would be to get a free quote from Water Mist Systems by sharing your floor plans and asking for a professional to help you choose the correct devices and get the installation done with tested equipment.

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